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Green Circle Salons

for our business. for our guests. for our planet.

Wonderwall hair co. is a green circle salon, but what does that mean?

we have chosen to go the extra step in recycling materials that would otherwise be thrown away


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Paper Products

in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, at Wonderwall hair co. we do our best to use all recycled paper products from our retail bags to toilet paper. 

one brand in particular we chose to use is who gives a crap for paper towels, tissues & toilet paper.

along with being an enviromental sustainable 

company, who gives a craps mission is to donate 50% of profits to ensure everyone has access to clean water and a toilet within our lifetime

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Davines Products

while looking for a product line, there were some key factors that we wanted to adhere too. 

Davines products are made with specific active ingredients sourced from Slow Food Presidia farms, a non-profit association.


also they have carbon neutral packaging across all lines 


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almost every service at Wonderwall requires getting a shampoo. so to offer the highest quality experience we have ECOHEADS shower heads. 


  • Reduces water & energy usage by up to 65%

  • Increases water pressure

  • Removes sediment, rust, and sand

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816 Arnold Avenue 

Point Pleasnt Beach, NJ 08742

Tel: (732) 779-5629

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