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johna demont

Owner - Lead wonder

for johna it all started as a dream, at first just a name and then with drive and determination Wonderwall Hair Co. became a reality. with over a decade of experience Johna has molded her craftsmanship to mastery with continued education. as natural born hair artist following the footsteps of many family members, she deemed it was only suiting to take the leap and create a space that felt like a comfort away from home. insuring a place that her team and clientele's needs would be met with an elevated salon experience. 


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donna bisceglie

master wonder

donna has a lifelong love of art, which she has channeled into becoming the stylist that she is today. staying true to that feeling has allowed her to practice her craft and be grateful for all that she has accomplished while working behind the chair. she feels that curiosity and vision allow her to stay current in a field that is always changing. along with the importance of skill as a stylist, donna has always felt the connection between clients and herself is one of her favorites. the more she can learn about a person the better she can advise them on what look will fit their unique style. 

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arielle castronova

Master wonder

arielle began her hair journey over 25 years ago. her passion and love of hair drove her to pursue her career as a hair artist. with her commitment to education she has been able to provide her clients with healthy, long lasting color and haircuts that lead to creating their signature style. arielle's professionalism and care to each clients needs provide a comfort in receiving a elevated hair experience.

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katelynn koenig

MASTER wonder

katelynn has always dreamed of working in the hair industry. though dedication and hard work coupled with passion and love of her craft she has become a well rounded stylist. Katelynn has mastered the ability to create unique styles and colors to bring out the best in each of her guests at Wonderwall Hair Co. for as long as she can remember hair has been her source of inspiration and an outlet for her creativity. with over a decade of experience her favorite aspect of working in this field is when clients leave her chair feeling great and looking beautiful. some of katelynn's personal strengths include blondes, dimensional hair color, updos, braids and loose waves. Katelynn is always driven to keep up to date on hair techniques and trends and is highly motivated to make learning a life long priority. 

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Nikki festo

little wonder

nikki's love for hair and makeup started when she was a young girl. it has been a lifelong dream of her to work in a salon that is consistently keeping up with the latest trends. a place where she will receive the guidance to become the best stylist she can be. her desire to continue to learn, with the drive to perfect her craft has lead her to love the art of extensions. with that she has been working on getting certified in not one but many types of extensions techniques so she will be able to give each and every one of her guests exactly what meets their needs. it brings her such joy to be able to have every person that leaves her chair feel like the most beautiful version of themselves. 

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Jordyn kaiser

master wonder


for jordyn, as far back as she can remember she has always been a creative soul. from crafting and building at home to taking art courses through her schooling, it seemed fitting that her career would align with her artistic passion. following in her younger sisters footsteps, she attended cosmetology school after college. once immersed, Jordyn cultivated her style and technique of enhancing natural beauty. although her passion and specialty lies in blonding,

jordyn is also skilled in many coloring techniques and haircutting. at Wonderwall Hair Co. jordyn has been able to let her creative spirit shine though our graphics and digital media. she is so excited to get back behind the chair!

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candace joaquim

Master wonder

candaces passion for hair began at a very early age. from styling dolls hair to practicing on her friends, it was a passion that she knew she would have to follow. candace has spent over a decade educating and mastering her love for hair. her goal is to understand her clients wants and needs to work with them to achieve their dream hair. the most rewarding part of her career as a stylist is the long lasting relationships she has built with her clients and knowing they are leaving her chair feeling like the best versions of themselves.    

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Rebecca smith

MASTER wonder

bio coming soon !

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julie gailing

Advanced Wonder

iulie (aka julzz) has been in the hair industry for nearly a decade. since joining wonderwall it has been her goall to hone in her her specialties including the following: 

children's and teen haircuts



mullet mowhakws 

julzz is extremely passionate and is able to give your child or teen the mullet mohawk of their dreams.

816 Arnold Avenue 

Point Pleasnt Beach, NJ 08742

Tel: (732) 779-5629 / (732) 778-1349

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